The beauty of the East Kimberley extends beyond the landscapes and the plentiful fishing, with many people visiting the area for bird watching. You may also see some of these birds along our fishing tours.

Some of the birds you may see in the Kimberley:

Brahminy kite

A medium sized (bird of prey) with a white head and breast in colour, with a striking chestnut brown body. Found in Northern Australia mainly along the coastline from Western Australia to northern New South Wales. They Brahminy kite is an expert at snatching prey in their flight.


Preferring to live along the coastlines in Australia except for Victoria and Tasmania. The Osprey is a large bird, with a white head and a dark stripe through the eye and down to their neck. Ospreys are great hunters and mainly feed on medium-sized fish.

Eastern Great Egret

Known as one of Australia’s most elegant birds, with a snowy white colour, mostly seen in Australia’s wetlands. The Eastern Great Egret feeds in shallow waters, walking slowly through the water on the lookout for their prey.


Also known as the black-necked stork, the Jabiru are commonly seen in Kakadu in the Northern Territory. The Jabiru is a large white bird with black bands across their wings, and have strong beaks used for hunting snakes, frogs, turtles, eels and fish in wetland areas. 

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