Tour Information

Important Information

The Kimberley has some of the biggest tides in the world, and as a result our coastal experiences do not operate on some days. Please contact us prior to making your holiday arrangements for advice on tides.

Does it get hot?

The East Kimberley is well known for the hot and humid days. September - May typically are are hottest days of the year. This weather cannot be underestimated, days reaching up to and above 40 degrees are common. As we are fishing, the use of the shade isn't always an option. We strongly recommend that if decide to come up and fish during that time of the year that you be prepared, lots of sunscreen, cooler long sleeved clothes and plenty of water throughout the day.

What should I wear?

We recommend long sleeved shirt, and a wide brimmed hat. Suitable footwear is required.

What do I need to bring?

A wide brimmed hat, water bottle (we have plenty of cold water on the boat for bottle refills), and most important of all your phone or camera to snap those memorable moments. You may want to put your phone in a waterproof pouch just in case! 

Please note: If you are planning on taking your fish home, please keep an esky with ice in your vehicle.

Can I BYO alcohol?

Yes, but we ask you to please respect our limits of a six-pack per person and please cans only. 

What happens on the day?

Each tour is slightly different, please see our tour pages for more information.

Where do tours depart from?

Generally tours will depart from Anthon’s Landing in Wyndham, or Lake Kununurra via Kimberley Air Tours. Anthon's Landing is a 100m walk to the end of the jetty - marked below on google maps.

What’s included?

Full day tour aboard our vessel (and some tours include a flight).

  • All the latest fishing gear including tackle
  • Local commentary from your skipper / guide
  • Morning tea and a delicious lunch
  • Cold water available for refills
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent

What is the minimum age?

For safety reasons, our minimum age is 12 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and complete a waiver form.

What is the minimum number of passengers onboard?

We operate with a minimum two people full day trips and a maximum of four people on board on any trip.

Is there a maximum weight of the aircraft?

Travelling via an aircraft is part of our Ultimate Fishing Experience and Cambridge Gulf Experiences, allowing you to experience the East Kimberley from new heights. There is however a max payload of 360kg per Aircraft requirements. We ask you to keep this in mind when bringing items with you. 

Will I get seasick? 

Majority of our fishing is estuary fishing. Hidden away in the creeks away from the wind. Sometimes we may venture out into open waters to fish. This will be determined by weather conditions. If you are prone to seasickness, please take preventative measures prior to departure.

Can you cater for different dietary requirements?

Yes, we can cater for dietary requirements. Please make us aware of any allergies at the time of booking.

Will I see a crocodile?

As we are fishing in the East Kimberley, salt water and freshwater crocodiles do inhabit this region. In our experience croc sightings are very limited throughout the Cambridge Gulf, however there is always a possibility you may see one.

Will we have a chance to swim?

No. The majority of your time will be spent in our vessel or arriving/departing by aircraft. For safety reasons, we do not allow swimming.

Do you have a toilet onboard?

No we do not. However, we do have temporary toilet facilities available (porta-poti) which can be carried onshore where suitable. We would recommend using bathrooms available prior to departing. 

Is smoking permitted onboard? 

No smoking is permitted onboard. We ask you to please respect this.

Where is the best place to stay?

Wyndham Caravan Park is the best place to stay for the full day fishing trip. It will enable you to make the most of your fishing trip, which commences at 5am. 

Fishing Information

Do I need any prior fishing experience?

No. However, we typically fish exposed snags and underwater structure (Rockbars) and some of this style of fishing requires a level of experience to successfully land some species. Our skipper will do everything he can to ensure you are doing your best to achieve this.

Do I need a fishing license? 

No, you are covered under our commercial fishing license. 

When is the best time of the year to catch a Barrammundi?

Ultimately, the best time of the year to catch barramundi is when the water starts to warm up (from September through to November). Understandably, as the water warms, so does the outside temperature, also months March - May.

There are other great fishing times throughout the year including ‘run off’ when flooding wetlands start to empty after heavy downpours. Anywhere from 1-2 weeks after a typical low pressure drops a lot of rain. Run off can generally last up to 2 weeks after big rains.

What’s your catch and release policy?

Fish can be kept by passengers, however strict bag limits do apply. We are passionate about limiting our impact on this precious ecosystem. We do encourage catch and release of fish on our adventure trips. We will however catch and keep a fish for our onboard lunch.

Do you have bag limits? 

Yes. As per our Terms and Conditions, East Kimberley Charters strives on minimising our impact on this precious fishery and although WA do have their own restrictions and bag limits, we will limit each angler to; one Barramundi and/or two other demersal species per person. All size limits are set by the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development - Fisheries and will be abided by.

Who cleans the catch?

We do. There are strict rules in place by the Department of Fisheries regarding the filleting of fish and we will work within these rules set. For example, all Barramundi must be kept whole until brought to land, and for Fingermark a minimum fillet size needs to be 30cm with skin left on.

How do we get our catch home? 

Please BYO esky and ice in your own vehicle. If you do not have this your catch can be transported back from Kununurra and can be picked up later on/the following day. No fish can be taken back on the Seaplane. This will need to be collected the next day.

What kind of rods and tackle are supplied?

We use Shimano Raider series rods. Accompanied by a selection of overhead reels and spin reels. In terms of lures, we use ones that have proven to work over many years in this area. Reels are spooled with 30lb and 50lb braid with suitable leaders.

Are we guaranteed to catch a fish?

We cannot guarantee fish on any day, however we can guarantee that the skipper will work his absolute hardest to put you onto fish. 

What fishing measures do you use?

East Kimberley Charters specialises in Lure fishing. We will however always have bait on board and if live bait opportunities arise, we will give it a go. 

How is the catch divided?

All fish will be divided evenly. Anyone who catches a trophy fish will be given the opportunity to keep that fish.

What kind of fish can I expect to catch? 

Ultimately our target species are Barramundi and Fingermark (golden snapper). Read more about the different types of fish you may find here https://eastkimberleycharters.com.au/about-us/fish/.

Can we BYO rods and tackle?

Of course. We provide tackle that is suitable to most anglers, however we do understand that some anglers have their own gear that they would like to use. Please advise us prior to departure of the equipment you’ll be bringing for travel purposes.

Booking Information

What’s your payment policy?

Payment in full is required to secure the booking.

Do you operate all year round?

We operate all year round, however we can experience some bad weather impacts from January through to March. Possible windy conditions from June through to August. 

What happens in the event of bad weather? 

Prior to departure, if the charter is cancelled due to bad weather, a date reschedule will be offered, or a full refund. 

What’s your cancellation policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions

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